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What Do I Need To Provide?

Clean apparel, enough to make the size T shirt quilt you would like.  Please see my pricing page for more information.


What kind of clothing can I use?

I will accept any type of clothing.  Adding pieces of clothing which have pockets, buttons, etc is acceptable, but it often requires special sewing and quilting adding additional time and cost to the construction of the quilt.   


How Much Does It Cost?

Price varies according to size and complexity of each quilt.  You can have me make a simple quilt using any type of clothing and placing it into one of the T shirt quilt patterns.  I can also design a special quilt for you using pictures, clothing, or both.  Please see my pricing page for information.  


What does the price cover?

The price of each T shirt quilt includes all cutting, piecing, and machine quilting of your special quilt.  It also includes a cotton backing, and a matching binding on the sides of a quilt.  Upgrading the backing to soft and cuddly Minky is an available on some quilts.  I can also add a hanging sleeve if you would like to hang the quilt on the wall. Please see my pricing page for more information. 


Why are these quilts so expensive!?

Cutting and piecing the fabrics together is a time consuming process, each quilt takes from 20 - 30 hours of work.  I also use only the finest quilting weight cotton. This fabric has a higher thread count and is much better quality than discount store fabric.  Finally the three layers of your quilt; top, batting layer, backing, are machine quilted by me, which holds them securely together for years.  The middle layer will not shift like a quilt that is tied instead of stitched together.


How do I order?

It’s simple, just fill out the online order form to get on my work schedule faster, or print it and send it with your clothing.  I will electronically bill you for 1/2 of your total cost.  When I receive your payment, you go onto my schedule.  Turn around time is currently 6 - 8 weeks.  When your quilt is complete I will send you a picture of the finished product, along with an invoice for the other 1/2 of your bill.  When I receive payment I will ship your quilt to you and send you a tracking number.


How do I get the clothing ready?

Simply gather the t shirts or other clothing together and wash them without fabric softener.  Indicate to me parts of the shirts you do not wish to use by crossing them off with blue painter’s tape. (do not use tape on parts of the shirt you want to use, they leave a residue) Put them in a box and send them to me.  For shirts that will be used in the floating setting, please group together 5 which are your least favorite shirts.  I may or may not use these shirts in the quilt. I will keep them safe and secure in boxes labeled with your name  until I begin work on your quilt. 


Do I need to cut the t shirts?

Please don’t cut the shirts, just send me the whole item.  I do accept precut shirts, but their size may not make them acceptable for certain layouts.  Just send them to me with your order, I will contact you when I receive them about what will work for your quilt.


Is there sales tax?  How much is shipping?  

There is a sales tax charge for anyone living in Minnesota.  I charge a straight $15.00 shipping fee for the quilts if you live in the continental United States, $10.00 extra for Alaska, Hawaii, and anywhere outside the US, $10.00 for the pillow.  I send the items via USPS Priority mail with a tracking number so you can follow your quilt’s journey.


How do I order?

Just fill out the form on my website, I will send you a contract and bill you for 1/2 the price of the quilt.  After you have signed the contract and submitted your payment I will put you on my work schedule and send you a questionnaire regarding some of the choices which can be made for the design of your quilt. Then send me your clothing :)  When your quilt is complete I will send you a picture of the finished product and bill you for the last half of your bill.  I will send out your quilt as soon as I receive your payment.  

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