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Close up of a photo after it has been quilted.
T-shirt quilt from Polar Plunge shirts
Teal colored graduation quilt
This is a soft minky backing
A quilt for a friend
Cool grad quilt from Farmington High
A sweater from a loved one
9 pillows made from one sweater
A fun toddler quilt
This one is for her sister
This memorial quilt is made of silk ties and cut up shirts
A teddy bear made out of a shirt
Graduation quilt made of shirts from Burnsville High
King sized t shirt quilt
A wedding memorial quilt
A memorial tablerunner made from a beloved brother's ties
Tradional t shirt quilt
Queen size graduation quilt
Throw size graduation quilt
Traditional t shirt style
Traditional t shirt quit
Traditional t shirt quilt
Throw size quilt In Rosemout colors_
Memorial quilt
Memorial quilt for a dear brother
Traditional t shirt quit
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