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Optional Add-Ons:


Pricing: Throw $25, 

Twin $50, Full $75


Pricing: Add $50 per name


Pricing: Add $25

Each t shirt is reminiscent of an important piece of your history and full of memories - that road trip you took to the Yosemite, the state championship in high school, your first concert - so why are they all boxed up in storage? They should be cherished and used.


I can help turn those memories into a custom Memory quilt that will last a lifetime. 


Quilted Memories provides a variety of options for creating your custom t shirt quilt. Each custom handmade quilt is unique and created just for you.

Ordering your custom T shirt quilt is super simple.


The most difficult part for you will be choosing which t shirts to include! 


The Floating Layout
This option comes in several different sizes, depending on how many t-shirts you would like included. 


The price includes cutting and piecing of shirts, variable size blocks and sashing, 4 “ finished border, cotton backing, all over meander quilting. (Children’s shirts may have a larger border to make up for smaller shirt blocks).

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